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Landlord’s rights and duties

FOR OWNERS                                                                                                   


  • To recieve the rental payments, as agreed in the rental contract. Right to be sure that the falt is usen only for housing and the good conditions are preserved.
  • To claim for the tenat’s  responsibility  to pay the cost of minor repairs for wear and tear existing  from ordinary use of the property.
  • Increase the rental payment, as agreed in the rental contract.


  • Ensure tenant the peaceful use of the property.
  • Make necessary, urgent repairs and if not, pay the cost of the reparation to the tenant.
  • Ensure the necessary conditions for habitable housing throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Deliver the energy performance certificate and the energy label.
  • Having the certificate of habitability in force.
  • Register and deposit’s enregistration in The Catalan Land Institute (INCASOL).